Hi, I am Paul Messmer.This is my Portfolio

About Me

I am an aspiring web developer who got my start from taking an “Introduction to Web Development” course in college. Learning how to create a website and be able to see changes from changing the code was really fascinating to me. Before the class even ended, I decided to learn more in depth code outside of class. I researched for ways to do this besides expensive bootcamps and I found a website called “Team Treehouse.” This website is where I grew more in my development skills. Now, I plan on taking a Udemy course coving more in depth JavaScript while actively searching for a front end web development job.


I am actively seeking employment in web development or as a JavaScript developer. I have never had any professional experiance with web development, I will be upfront and honest. But, I have a passion for it. I am new to the feild but I am a quick learner. If there is a language you would like me to learn or grow in for a project please let me know I would love to be accomodating.

Languages/Frameworks I know

Languages/Frameworks I plan on learning

Future Projects